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The Poiz Residences Floor Plans

The Poiz Residences floor plans are grouped according to the different zones.of this development.

The  first is The Suites, a contemporary home for young couples or singles. In these units, modern styling is integrated into smart spaces for a comfortable “‘Hotel Suite’.

poiz residences SA1 floor plan

poiz residences SAS1 floor planpoiz residences SB2 floor planThe second zone is Urban, featuring home offices that employ space effective for a harmonious work-life balance,

poiz residences UAS1 floor plan

poiz residences UB1 floor planpoiz residences UC1 floor planThe third is the Habitat zone, which caters to the needs of families with quality fittings and luxurious living spaces.

poiz residences HC2 floor plan

poiz residences HD1 floor planpoiz residences PH1 floor planFor a better idea of where the various zones and units are situated, have a look at the site plan.

These are just some of the Poiz Residences floor plans that you can find in this mega development. As there are many variations available, please let us know the type and size of apartments you are interested in and we can go though them the relevant layout with you.