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Singapore Property Pick

Where Dream Homes Come True


Singapore Property Pick brings you the best real estate and properties in Singapore and beyond.


We understand that every person has his or her own need and preference when it comes to finding a property to buy or to rent.


You may have certain preferences for your dream home. You may be just setting up or your family or you may be upgrading to a bigger home
for your growing family. Or you may be buying a second home to enjoy passive investment income.


You may not even be interested in buying a house. You may have just sold your place and are looking for a temporary home to rent before you
purchase your next home. Or you may be an expatriate who needs to lease an apartment for the next few years.   Or you may simply be a seller
who is looking to sell your house at the best price possible today.


Whatever your present circumstance or need is, Singapore Property Pick will try to meet them to the best of our ability. We therefore
scour Singapore and even overseas for properties that can best meet the diverse needs of different groups of individuals.


We hope you will find what you are looking for on this website.   If there is a property that you are interested in, please do not hesitate to call Singapore Property Pick at 8113 8043 today.